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July 12





Wow...Junior Year of high school Bought a wig! Soon will be cosplaying aph canada

aboot fucking shit


Fashion of Black Teeth in Old Japan

A Yedo chemist’s recipe for black teeth dye from Tales of Old Japan by A.B. Mitford (1871):

"Take three pints of water, and, having warmed it, add half a teacupful of wine. Put into this mixture a quantity of red-hot iron; allow it to stand for five or six days, when there will be a scum on the top of the mixture, which should then be poured into a small teacup and placed near a fire. When it is warm, powdered gallnuts and iron filings should be added to it, and the whole should be warmed again. The liquid is then painted on to the teeth by means of a soft feather brush, with more powdered gallnuts and iron, and, after several applications, the desired colour will be obtained." (Mitford 203)


According to the magic of wikipedia and other quick research, Stockholm Syndrome is when a person under a stressful situation expresses empathy and sympathy towards their captor. They even start to relate to that person, and even come to defending them. It is ‘bonding’ between the two people. One person who is abused, and the abuser. The person abused sees the person that is abusing them doing an ‘act of kindness’ via simply just not killing them yet, or giving them small things such as using the restroom (using the original bank robbery situation as an example). However, people keep confusing Mink’s route for the syndrome.  

However, this could be farther from the truth. Aoba never shows any sort symptoms towards Mink at all. Throughout his whole route he never sees Mink as anything but what he is trying to convey. Cold, cruel, and having no remorse. He never sees any sort of act that Mink does as being kind. For example, Mink gives Aoba some bread at one point. Aoba, if he was truly under Stockholm Syndrome, would think that Mink was being kind. He doesn’t. Aoba, instead of ‘bonding’ with Mink, just continues to dislike him. For some odd reason, people seem to forget that Aoba even RAN AWAY from Mink at some point. 

The only time that the real connection between them even starts is before and after the Scrap scene. Aoba is able to see just what sort of person Mink really is under the mask that he put on to achieve his revenge. Instead of falling for the abuser Mink and what ‘kindness’ he would be showing, which would be Stockholm, he starts to understand and care about the REAL Mink. The man that lost everything and couldn’t move from the idea of death. After Aoba sees the real Mink, he wants to know more. He latches onto the real Mink, not the fake that he dealt with at Glitter. 

aphprussia inquired:
today our norwegen exchange student, Ole, spoiled the end of hannibal for this other kid named brent and i s2g brent and a bunch of other kids were gonna lose their shit and Ole was so damn pleased with himself it wasnt even funny

if that was me, Ole better watch himself because I don’t take too kindly to people who betray me and I will stab them.



The Amour of Armor.

Painting originally in an Iranian story-book.

I wonder how many people reblogging this didn’t notice she’s jabbing him through the gap in his armor with an arrow

A cannibal’s one weakness: spray bottles


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